Collection: Embroidery Scarves and Stoles

To add that grace and make a style statement, bringing women’s stoles and scarves. From daily to party wear, the pashmina stoles can be worn on any occasion. For a casual yet appealing look, we have got plain and patterned pashmina stoles. For a traditional yet modish look, we have got our embroidered stoles. These women stoles and scarves can go with any outfit to make you look elegantly fashionable. Pashmina is the finest cloth but its processing is what makes it extra special. Because our artisans Turn the Pashmina yarn into a beautiful creation manually from scratch. The time and the efforts that are put into its making, bring out such exquisite pieces.Its beauty gets highlighted and brought to light when you dress it in your own ways. So, what are you thinking? grab your favorite one and make that style statement.