Pashmina has always held a special stance is the royal heritage of Kashmir. To revive and rebuild the empire of pure pashmina shawl weaving and keep the most luxurious form of art alive, we “Phamb and you” must come together to create a community, a membership club. By community, we mean an established long term relationship of trust between Phamb and its members, beneficial for all those associated with Pashmina industry. Phamb offers membership to all its customers who are interested in getting benefits other than the normal specified benefits. 


A Pashmina fashion house that deals with designing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing all pure pashmina based products. We at Phamb are committed to provide the luxurious pashmina products in its authenticated and original state, which has been the legacy through hundreds of years for the people of Kashmir.

Benefits at Phamb

  • 6% Discount On All Goods
  • Free 2 Washing For Shawls Within Membership Period
  • Credit Facility Up To 60 Days*
  • Priority Delivery
  • Priority Home Visits
  • Priority Store Visits
  • Allotted Relationship Manager
  • Hands On New Designs Before Nonmembers Through Whatsapp
  • 20% Discount On Services, Washing, Repairing Etc.

For Membership

Customers interested in the Membership, can fill an online form available on our websites Once the form is filled and fee is paid that is INR 999, the member will receive a coupon card with a code specific to individual member. Once the card is received the member will receive the mentioned privileges while shopping online or offline.