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About Us

Phamb is a pashmina fashion house which designs, manufactures, distributes and retails all pashmina and pashmina blend products which are mostly hand-woven. The brand utilizes the name Phamb with high fashion.We at Phamb are committed to provide the luxurious pashmina products in its authenticated and original state, which has been the legacy through hundreds of years for the people of Kashmir.At Phamb we are promoting the quality of pashmina products to the highest possible state through our high standards which in return will reward its spinners and weavers their veneration.In the native language, “Phamb” is the name given to luxurious Kashmiri pashmina by its native people that include its spinners, weavers, artisans and other stakeholders literally translating to "Soft Gold" in Kashmiri language.


Mission statement:

"We focus to be the most exclusive pashmina clothing sellers through the entire market available by selling the high quality products and giving back to dexterous spinners and weavers, their recognition and high esteem, they deserve."

Vision statement:

"Our Vision at Phamb is to provide best quality pashmina products to earn the satisfaction of our prestigious customers."