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Phamb Blog


by tuba shabir

Elegance, luxury, sophistication and class are but a few of the adjectives that describes the Sozni jaamwaar shawl. It’s a type of shawl, that take “months and years to make.” It can be compared to a diamond, or perhaps some rare art piece. Sozni jaamwaar shawl is really that iconic fashion accessory that is able to instantly communicate to the world the passion and exquisite tastes of its owner.

Every inch of these shawl has been covered with intricate sozni embroidery. It takes near around a year for artisans to complete the needle work on a single piece. With immense hard work and dedication, artisans add to the delicacy of these shawls.

Phamb provides unique, timeless, meticulously hand-embroidered and hand-crafted Sozni jaamwaar. The beauty of these shawls has ability to transform moods, lift spirits and deliver deep sense of prestige.