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by tuba shabir

Perhaps, nothing exemplifies the glorious history of Kashmiri craftsmanship, as warmly and beautifully, as does the Pashmina. Pashmina shawls warmly enclose in it the impeccable treasure that it sprinkles over its varied fabrications. One of them is kani jamwaar.

A kani shawl takes weeks to a year for an artisan to complete depending on the embroidery. The shawl is woven with special wooden needles, called ‘kanis’ in Kashmiri, and on a traditional hand loom, hence the name ‘kani shawls’. The knots are made according to a set design, which is already printed on paper called ‘taleem-e-kakud’ in a language only the taran-guru can interpret. The process of weaving line by line is repeated time and again until the final masterpiece is ready.

 Phamb is providing these customized masterpieces, eloquently shaping the traditions right. Phamb brings this exclusive collection which adheres to your desires. So add a piece to your collection and let it set your journey to luxury right.