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( Jaamwaar )

What Is Pashmina

The heaven on earth Kashmir is known all over the world not only for its natural beauty in the form of snow clad mountains, springs, lakes, lush green meadows, etc. but also for the handicrafts prepared by the Kashmiri artisans. Among the handicraft items, Pashmina Shawls have maintained the popularity all around the world from centuries. The word Shawl has been derived from a Persian word Shal, which originally meant a woven fabric. Shawls can be prepared from any material, anywhere in the world having their own identity but those prepared in Kashmir are different from all. In Kashmir, shawls have been prepared from all sorts of materials like wool, silk, angora wool, Pashmina, etc. and all these shawls have their own significances yet the most attractive, fine, Soft and elegant is the one made of Pashmina “the king of fibers”
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Elegance, luxury, sophistication and class are but a few of the adjectives that describes the Sozni jaamwaar shawl. It’s a type of shawl, that take “months and years to make.” It can be compared to a diamond, or perhaps some rare art piece. Sozni jaamwaar shawl is really that iconic fashion accessory that is able to instantly communicate to the world the passion and exquisite tastes of its owner.
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